Read the Refund Policy of CareUtils & Affiliate Partners

We at CareUtils are committed to providing 30 days money-back guarantee to our users in case of any problem in software performance.

All our software has a "Demo Version for evaluating the functionality before opting to purchase the paid version. We strongly recommend our users to use the free Demo version because the software does not have functional limitations. The free demo is limited only to preview or export limited data since paid version export all data without any limitations. We also recommend our clients to check the "system requirement" of our applications before purchasing the paid edition.

Refund cannot be claimed in the following conditions:

  • If customers reject to accept the help of our software technical support team or do not cooperate with CareUtils as well as the affiliate partner technical team.
  • System requirements as stated by CareUtils are not met.
  • If the customer has purchased the Application without evaluating the free trial version.
  • Unauthorized payment or credit card fraud, we suggest customer contact respective bank for such payments.
  • The Software is not purchased from the CareUtils website directly. The customer needs to contact the store or partner for a refund request.
  • In case software activation fails customers need to get in touch with the support team.

The Refund is Applicable with the Following Scenarios:

  • If the customer has ordered 2 similar products and will request a refund for 1 product.
  • In case the customer has made an incorrect purchase of a product, customers can upgrade to the required software.
  • If our software is not able to perform the task and no solution has been provided by our technical support team.
  • If the results differ from the evaluation software on the purchased software product.
  • If CareUtil's or Partner's technical support team fails to help you with the software.

How Does Our Refund Policy Work?

  • Capture screenshots of errors and send it to our support team.
  • Make a complete video of conversion or recovery and send us the video via email (It helps us to analyze your problem)
  • If our technical team unable to analyze the issue from video then you need to send your file through Google Drive or any other cloud service
  • If the file is too heavy then you can provide remote access to check on your system