How to Backup Exchange 2016/Exchange 2019 Mailbox to PST

Hello Everyone, Today we will learn the easiest manual method of Converting Exchange Mailbox to PST file format. To process the conversion task we will use PowerShell Commands. If you are already familiar with PowerShell commands then the steps mentioned in this blog will be a cakewalk for you. Don’t worry if you are not that much comfortable with PowerShell. Just follow the procedure and you can backup Exchange 2016 or Exchange 2019 Mailboxes to PST format.

Backing up Exchange data on regular basics is highly recommended as in case of Exchange failure it will be hard for you to do the recovery process. So it is a good practice of taking the Exchange Backup on regular intervals. With using PowerShell you can backup single as well as multiple mailboxes to PST format.

How to Backup Exchange Mailbox to PST

From here I will start discussing commands that you will need to follow to perform the backup process. This may seems to be hard but just bear me with and follow the process you will be able to perform the Exchange Mailbox Backup to PST.

First of all you need to assign Import and Export Permissions to assign the same use the command given below:

New-Management Role Assignment -Role “Mailbox Import Export” -User <Enter User Name of Alias Name here>
Example: New-Management Role Assignment -Role “Mailbox Import Export” -User <Manish>

Now to Export or Backup users mailbox in PST format use the command:

New-Mailbox Export Request -Mailbox < user >” -File Path \\<server FQDN >\ < shared folder name >\ < PST name >.pst
Example: New-Mailbox Export Request -Mailbox Manish” -File Path “\\SERVER23\ PSTFolder\ manish.pst 

This will export the Exchange Mailbox to PST format. The beauty of PowerShell is that you can even apply filters while doing the export process. You will need to specify the conditions that you want apply while doing the mail filter. Suppose you want to backup the emails received before 2019-05-05 which start with Status

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox <user> -ContentFilter {(Subject -like 'Status*') -and (Received -lt '05/05/2019')} -FilePath \\<server FQDN>\<shared folder name>\<manish>.pst

Export Selected Folders from Exchange Mailbox to PST

To Export selected folders you can use IncludeFolders Command as given below:

New-MailboxExportRequest -IncludeFolders "#Inbox#/*","#SentItems#" -Mailbox <user> -FilePath \\<server FQDN>\<SharedFolderName>\<NameOfPstFile>.pst

Backup all Exchange Mailboxes to PST (Create Unique PST file for each Mailbox)

This command will backup all mailboxes of Exchange Server to PST file format. Firstly all Mailboxes will be first stored in the variable named as Mailboxes and then a PST file will be created for each mailbox

foreach ($Mailbox in (Get-Mailbox)) { New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox $Mailbox -FilePath "\\<server FQDN>\<SharedFolderName>\$($Mailbox.Alias).pst" }


So in this article I discussed how you can backup Exchange Server Mailboxes to PST file format. I also discussed a simple command to backup all Exchange Server mailboxes to PST. Hope I was able to help you. If you need any information on this you can email us at we will be happy to help you.

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