Read the Affiliate Disclosure

Please read the Affiliate Disclosure mentioned here before using our product and services. As per the regulations we have to mention the relationship that we have with the products that are listed on our websites and merchants. We don't sell or supply the software while we act as the affiliate marketer for the products listed in our website. If you purchase the software from our website we will get some compensation. That does not mean that you will need to pay any extra. The price of the software will be equivalent to the price at merchant's website.

What Extra You will get?

If you place order from our website you are eligible for extra support from our side also. So along with merchant's support we will also provide the support to our clients. Sometimes merchant may respond you with 24-48 hours but our response time will be 4-6 hours. We will try hard to give best possible service to you.

Along with the support we will add and update regular technical articles to our website. So it would we great if you place the order from our website.